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We've been busy over the last 15-months exploring the issues and disputes consumers find themselves in up and down the country, in fact, so busy our research incorporates an analysis of 146,536 unique consumers and the legal issues and disputes they have expressed to our research team.  Meanwhile, our legal research built and developed our understanding of consumer's needs and demands, our development team have been working excessively to understand the capabilities and limitations of machine-learning natural language processing technologies to deliver something new in the state-of-the-art.

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This legal research study covers the insights into the collaborative research and development work undertaken by Legal Utopia and the University of Westminster over the course of 2018 and 2019 funded by EURDF and Legal Utopia. ​

The research is one of the first and largest data reviews of legal consumers in the UK and how they express their legal problems. The research engaged with 142 stakeholders and worked with 5 international law firms, 1 banking institution, 1 technology firm, 2 UK universities, and 2 UK regulators

You will find chapters on different aspects of the research and development project, including:

  • Market Research
  • Natural Language Data
  • Data Processing
  • Content & Design
  • Machine Learning
  • Research Data & Ethics
  • Trustworthy A.I.
  • Prototype User Cases

Research Partners

Legal Utopia has completed one of the largest collaborative research projects into client interpretation and expression of legal problem identification in the UK. The project, funded jointly by Legal Utopia and the European Regional Development Fund is being undertaken in collaboration with the University of Westminster using academic and industry expertise in AI and Law.

The collaborative research project, which was approved by the University of Westminster's Ethics Committee, operates under a strict Data and Ethics Framework Protocol ensuring research practices, data compliance and security are adhered to and maintained at the highest standard. We only use authoritative and anonymised data from non-profit and for-profit data partners from across the UK to contribute to our data repository.

Legal Utopia successfully applied for funding via the KEEP+ Scheme delivered by Anglia Ruskin University from the European Regional Development Fund providing additional capital to finance our collaborative research and development project between the University of Westminster and Legal Utopia Limited.

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